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Our company previously went through three branding and messaging exercises – each with limited success. But Brand Compass rapidly nailed the essence of who we are, what our brand stands for and how all of the messaging ties together for every employee. For the first time, we have break-through positioning our people believe in and want to own. And the way it so easily flows through web copy, collateral and all communications is nothing short of brilliant. Brand Compass is fast, effective and transformational.

Jeff Kukowski

Chief Operating Officer – SecureAuth

Mark is an out out-of-the-box thinker with fresh ideas and the skill sets to make them reality. He has the uncanny ability to boil down past the minutia to find the key strategic selling point your company has and then build a solution to exploit it to its fullest. 

Russell Webb

Director Enterprise Applications – Benchmark Electronics

Mark is an incredibly smart, strategic and creative marketing executive. All you have to do is look at his work. Some of the best I've seen. That doesn't just happen. Smart strategy followed by focused execution.

Bill Hankes

Founder and CEO – Sqoop, Inc.

Mark is the proud owner of one of the sharpest marketing minds in the Valley. He scales effortlessly from high-level strategy to copywriting and execution. Mark is particularly strong in hi-tech B2B. He has the unique ability to wrestle with complex systems and technologies to pin down the key messages and deliver them in compelling executions that drive results. 

Darren Steele

VP Marketing – Taser International

Mark has a real gift for marketing strategy. He did a stellar job of leading us to understand and implement a successful strategic vision for our company. He does a great job of blending the ability to "see what could be" with dispassionate realism. He's a rock star without the ego.

Ric Pugmire

COO – GarageFly, Inc.

The Brand Compass methodology was crucial in encapsulating who we are as a company, and revealed some hidden gems that are helping us rise above the dull hum created by competitors. It provided the framework for an extremely firm foundation and consistent story as we rapidly ramp our
business going forward.

Leif Hartwig

President & CEO – Bolste

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